Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Svart Ut/Panikattack "split ep" "7 (RAW 081)
We finally decided to go totally broke which makes us to release as much as we can. Here is the 2nd release of Svart Ut (Earth Crust Displacement sideproject) with another 5 covers of Swedish classic Raw Punk Mangel incl. coverversions of Dismachine, Mob 47, Skitlickers and Anti Cimex (a ridicleous primitve blastbeated version of "En Död Soldat"). Total earbleeding noisy recordings straight from hell. Panikattack from Sweden have members  of our all time fav bands, namely Anger Burning and Discontrol (we love Discontrol). So, no surprises here, even Panikattack serves a unique but still strict classic scandinavian D-Beat Raw Punk attack, we bloody love it. 2 heavy tracks, NO NEOCRUST, NO METAL, NO SHIT, straight forward HC-Punk the way it has to be done. Watch out for their split7 with Äterfall on Phobia, out very soon. 200 copies black wax, 100 copies lim. white wax, 50 copies stickered whitelabels Touredition, henadnumbered with special alternative additional cover (still a few left) and 20 copies stickered whitelabels Testpress Edition, handnumbered in inverted coverartwork (still very few left).

 regular black wax (200 made)

 limited Testpress Edition (20 made, handnumbered, inverted cover artwork)

 limited white wax (100 made)

 limited Tour Edition (50 made, handnumbered, additional alternative artwork) 

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