Tuesday, 17 November 2015

OUT NOW B.E.T.E.O. "raw punk shit" ep

B.E.T.E.O. "raw punk shit" ep (RAW 054)
6 Track ep with south-american raw punk flavour. classic clichee D-Beat Raw Punk from Venezuela. co-release with Desorden Records and Döderlein Records.

OUT NOW CRUTCHES "förlorad" "12

Crutches "förlorad" "12 (RAW 052)
2nd "12 of these Sweish maniacs from Crime City Malmö! Anarchist Raw Punk D-Beat the Swedish Way, just brilliant! Gatefold sleeve! Black and lim. blue vinyl.


Dispose/ Disease "split" ep (RAW 048)
TOTAL DISCLOSE WORSHIPPING on this split ep. Dispose from northern Sweden play classic noisy D-Beat Raw Punk. Disease from Mazedonia exactly in the same vein! D-Beat or Die!!!


Nervgift/ Parasight "split" "12 (RAW 051)
Cool Split LP of Nervgift from Sweden and Parasight fom Denmark. Nervgift feat. people of Kvoteringen, Coldworker and Ond Brad Död with metallic Crust. Parasight plays in the same vein, but more Motorhead influence HC-Punk!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

OUT NOW MASSPOLLUTION "noise//chaos" ep

Masspollution "noise//chaos" ep (RAW 047)
Brilliant Dis-Noise Raw Punk Chaos from Belarus  in the vein of Disclose, Giftgasattack, Electric Funeral etc etc etc.... fasten seat belts folks, DIS IS KILLA!!!


Krüger/ Knark "split" ep (RAW 046)
Prague D-Beat Mafia strikes again. classic Raw Punk-Crust from Czech Republic. their 4th release after the ep, the split with Los Rezios and the tracks on the "Distorted Minds In A Sick World- 4 way split" compilation. Knark hail from Sweden with members of Makabert Fynd. Traditional Swedish Hardcore ala Totalitär and the likes! 

OUT NOW IRRITATION "social realismen" ep

Irritation  "social realismen" ep (RAW 044)
follow up to the "12 from earlier 2014. traditional raw Scandi-Hardcore in the swedish way like Wolfpack, Martyrdöd and the likes! Dark, Raging straight in your face!


Krigskontrast/ Skiplickers "split" ep (RAW 043)
brutal breackneck d-takt mangel from Sweden and UK. Krigskontrast hail from sweden and has members of Raw Hate and other swedish Hardcore Bands. They play fast and furious noisy swedish classic Hardcore, distorted D-Takt! Skiplickers hail from UK and they play what you expect, so no comment on this one, ;-) !!!

OUT NOW V/A "distorted minds in a sick world 4-way split" LP

V/A "distorted minds in a sick world" "LP (RAW 042)
Four way split project! Fear Of Extinction from Prague with straight forward D-Beat Raw Punk ala Totalitär. Final Slum War from Barcelona with brutal Dis-Noise Madness. Krüger from Czech play brilliant classic Crustcore-Punk and Diskobra from Hungary worship Discharge/Disclose in the traditional D-Beat Raw Punk vein!


Infernöh/Nomad "split" ep (RAW 039)
European version of the split of two of the best Raw Punk bands at the moment. Infernoh with noisy Dis-Noise Hardcore in the vein of Electric Funeral, Paranoid, Framtid. Nomad with straight D-Beat Raw Noise Punk! 400 copies in black vinyl, 100 copies in orange vinyl. silk screened printed coversleeves.

OUT NOW DISWAR "the world in flames" "12

Diswar "the world in flames" "12 (RAW 036)
Special one-sided white vinyl "12. Total Discharge-Worshipping D-Beat Raw Punk out of Basque Country! incl. beautiful silk screened printed fold-out sleeve!

OUT NOW DISPAIR "future is for sale" ep

Dispair "future is for sale" ep (RAW 034)
after the brilliant "12 on Nuclear Fear Records here we go for another 5 fantastic straight forward D-Beat Raw Punk ragers! Dispair hail from Finland! co-release with Desörden Records from Spain!