Tuesday, 20 November 2018


Totälickers "cementri EP" "7 (RAW 086)
Latest release by Spain's infamous D-Beat Raw Punk Veterans TOTÄLICKERS. Co-released with Nuclear Fear Records. Long running european Band back their classic straight forward HC-Punk! 



Distress/ Irritation "split" "7 (RAW 076)
Finally out now: the long awaited Crustcore split "Sweden vs. Russia". Our good old friends from St.Petersburg with another raw noisy Crustcore HC-Punk, Irritation from Sweden with classic Scandi 
HC-Punk, after their "7 and LP, also released on Rawmantic Disasters. co-released with several abels.  500 made, black or silver wax.



Sunday, 21 October 2018

OUT NOW limited REPRESSES in coloured wax OUT NOW

Discover "Crimes Of Humanity" "12 (RAW 010)
inverted artwork, in red wax, lim. 200 copies

Aargh Fuck Kill "Modern Warfare" "12 (RAW 059)
inverted artwork, silk screen printed foldout cover, in nuclear yellow wax, lim. 200 copies, SOLD OUT

Disease "Neverending Warcrimes" "12 (RAW 058)
inverted/new artwork, in red wax, lim. 200 copies

Disease "Destructive Noise Raid" "7 (RAW 061)
inverted artwork, in red wax, lim. 200 copies

Infernoh/Nomad "split" "7 (RAW 039)
inverted artwork, marbled wax, lim. 200 copies)


Apparatus "fku" "7 (RAW 077)
New 7inch of the long running HC-Punk Band from Malaysia. They toured Europe this year and allready released the sick split"12 with Svart Ut earlier this year. Now another 6 tracks, D-Beat Raw Punk madness, bloody brutal, bloody raw, the way we love it! co-released with our friends at Phobia Records and Bastard Squad Recordings.  500 made, black or cyan blue wax.


 black wax edition (400made)
limited cyan blue wax edition (100 made)


Decade "a deadly game of make believe" "7 (RAW 083)
6 track D-Beat Raw Punk massacre the japanese way, but from the "New World". These guys love Disclose and Discharge to death. Vinyl release of their brilliant demo tape 2017. 300 copies made in foldout sleeve. black or limited grey wax. 


 black wax edition (200 made)
 grey wax edition (100 made)
 limited Tespress edition (30 made, handnumbered with different coverartwork)

OUT NOW HELLISH VIEW "Visions Of Raw" "12

Hellish View "visions of raw"12 (RAW 082)
Apocalyptic 10 track Disclose Worship from the 'New World'. Vinyl version of their fantastic Demotape 2017. Total D-Beat Raw Punk Inferno, straight in your face. 300 copies made, black or limited white wax.with insert


 limited Testpress edition (30 made, handnumbered, inverted coverartwork)
 white wax edition (100 made)
 black wax edition (200 made)

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Dispair "scarred ep, total destruction  of human mind"7 (RAW 078)
8 tracks uncompromising fast paced D-Beat Raw Punk from Finland. After two "12s ("Legacy Of Fear"12 co-released by Rawmantic Disasters) and a "7 (also co-released with Rawmantic Disasters) the finns deliver angry and brutal straight forward HC-Punk. Nothing new here, raw noize just the way we like it!


Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Svart Ut/Panikattack "split ep" "7 (RAW 081)
We finally decided to go totally broke which makes us to release as much as we can. Here is the 2nd release of Svart Ut (Earth Crust Displacement sideproject) with another 5 covers of Swedish classic Raw Punk Mangel incl. coverversions of Dismachine, Mob 47, Skitlickers and Anti Cimex (a ridicleous primitve blastbeated version of "En Död Soldat"). Total earbleeding noisy recordings straight from hell. Panikattack from Sweden have members  of our all time fav bands, namely Anger Burning and Discontrol (we love Discontrol). So, no surprises here, even Panikattack serves a unique but still strict classic scandinavian D-Beat Raw Punk attack, we bloody love it. 2 heavy tracks, NO NEOCRUST, NO METAL, NO SHIT, straight forward HC-Punk the way it has to be done. Watch out for their split7 with Äterfall on Phobia, out very soon. 200 copies black wax, 100 copies lim. white wax, 50 copies stickered whitelabels Touredition, henadnumbered with special alternative additional cover (still a few left) and 20 copies stickered whitelabels Testpress Edition, handnumbered in inverted coverartwork (still very few left).

 regular black wax (200 made)

 limited Testpress Edition (20 made, handnumbered, inverted cover artwork)

 limited white wax (100 made)

 limited Tour Edition (50 made, handnumbered, additional alternative artwork)



OUT NOW APPARTUS/ SVART UT "Law Of Ratts...Supersonik/Risken Att Köpa En Splitt Vinylskiva" "12

Apparatus/Svart Ut "law of the ratts....supersonik/risken att köpa en splitt vinylskiva" "12 (RAW 079)
Here we go with the long awaited split"12 of Malaysian Raw Punk Ragers APPARATUS and SVART UT from Berlin/Germany. After several releases Apparatus are back with 6 tracks full straight forward HC-Punk the raw way, total D-Beat Mayhem incl. covers of Discard and Anti Cimex. Svart Ut hail from "Hardcore/Dog Shit - City" Berlin of bloody Germoney. Basically it is a sideproject of Earth Crust Displacement, same members, same style but better songs as all songs are covers of swedish classic Raw Punk Mangel incl. Mob 47, Protes Bengt, Discard, Times Square Preachers, Heavy Nukes and Skitlickers. Ultrabrutal noisy recording, it will make your ears bleed, believe me. 200 copies black wax, 100 copies lim. red wax, 100 copies stickered whitelabels Touredition in two colour silk screen printed fold out cover (still a few left) and 20 copies stickered whitelabels Testpress Edition, handnumbered in inverted coverartwork (still very few left, limall versions include both side printed insert.  

 regular black wax version (200 made)
limited Touredition (100 made, silk screen printed two colour fold out sleeve)
limited Testpress Edition (20 made, handnumbered, inverted artwork)

limited red wax version (100 made)



Tuesday, 1 May 2018

OUT NOW DISEASE/ BESTHÖVEN "Inferno Nuclear/ Apocalypse 2017" "7

Disease/ Besthöven "inferno nuclear/ apocalypse 2017" "7 (RAW 074)
CO-release with Televised Suicide Rec.! Disease heading from Macedonia, bringing the ultimate Disclose-worship as usual. That more i listen to them, that more i think they are miles better than Disclose itself. Ultrabrutal hypnotic D-Takt riffing under a wall of noise. It's the same as with Disclose and Discharge, i fokking prefer Disclose, so i prefer Disease to Disclose, we love you guys! Besthöven from Brazil with another raw D-Beat ridden apocalyptic Raw Punk Attack ( frontsleeve by Gus [Güs punk art/B.E.T.O.E.] ).  Bloody great pair of true D-Beat Raw Punk fanatics!!! 400 copies black vinyl and 100 copies red vinyl (limited) in both sides printed fold out sleeve, so hurry up as they are moving fast!



Monday, 1 January 2018

OUT NOW MAKABERT FYND "Systemkollaps...?" LP

Makabert Fynd "systemkollaps...?" "12 (RAW 073)
4nd full album! Classic swedish D-Takt HC-Punk NOIZE. Scandinavian Raw Punk the way we love and need it feat. members of Totalitär, Dissekerad, Kakafoni and others.... co-release, again with our friends from Prague, Phobia Records. 400 copies on black wax and limited 100 copies on red wax in full printed cover with full colour insert.