Thursday, 1 November 2012

Coloured Vinyl Anger Burning"12 + Dispose/Kranium"12 represses

200 copies only, black/green vinyl. last and final press of this beast (RAW 005)
200 copies only, black/blue vinyl. last and final press, get in touch!!! (RAW 007)

WARVICTIMS 1st Time Live On Stage


Earth Crust Displacement FREE DOWNLOAD

OUT NOW Earth Crust Displacement "Demo 2012"

ultra distorted d-takt overdose from berlin city. demo tape incl. cover from Dismachine, 100 copies only, nearly sold out!!! get in touch!!!

OUT NOW Avverkad "s/t" EP (RAW 009)

Raw Punk Massacre from Berlin city. Their Debut on vinyl. 300 copies only!!! get in touch!!!

OUT NOW: Raw Hate "Fuck Off And Die" LP (RAW 008)

swedish hardcore in the vein of wolfpack/wolfbrigade. limited to 500 copies only!!! get in touch!!!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

More NOISE....

also for wholesale:
Finally, after more than 25 years of crusty Grind, Berlin's finest with their first full LP. FORGET EXTREME NOISE TERROR!!! Here is MxVxDx!!! released 2010!!!
Debut Lp after the Demo-"10. Berlin Neanderthal Primitive D-Beat Noise incl. Covers by DOOM and Extreme Noise Terror, so, you know the deal!!! released 2005, last copies!!!
Berlin's "TRAGEDY RISES THE ASHES", hehe, with their one and only Lp from 2007. Really good so called NEO-Crust in the vein of their Heros (see below)! released 2007, last copies!!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

out in october/november Discover "Crimes Of Humanity" "12 Rawmantic Disasters Records 010

out soon Avverkad EP Rawmantic Disasters Records 009

out soon

Suicidal Noise Conspiracy presents

The First Releases, Spread The Word!!!!

Peacebastard "Debut 5-Track" EP Rawmantic Disasters Records 001

only a few left

Dispose/ Kranium "Distort The North" LP out now Rawmantic Disasters Records 007

Dispose/ Kranium "Distort The North" LP out now

out soon Raw Hate "Fuck Off And Die" LP Rawmantic Disasters Records 008

out soon Raw Hate "Fuck Off And Die" LP

Discover "Food For The Warmachine" EP out now Rawmantic Disasters Records 006

Discover EP out now