Tuesday, 1 May 2018

OUT NOW DISEASE/ BESTHÖVEN "Inferno Nuclear/ Apocalypse 2017" "7

Disease/ Besthöven "inferno nuclear/ apocalypse 2017" "7 (RAW 074)
CO-release with Televised Suicide Rec.! Disease heading from Macedonia, bringing the ultimate Disclose-worship as usual. That more i listen to them, that more i think they are miles better than Disclose itself. Ultrabrutal hypnotic D-Takt riffing under a wall of noise. It's the same as with Disclose and Discharge, i fokking prefer Disclose, so i prefer Disease to Disclose, we love you guys! Besthöven from Brazil with another raw D-Beat ridden apocalyptic Raw Punk Attack ( frontsleeve by Gus [Güs punk art/B.E.T.O.E.] ).  Bloody great pair of true D-Beat Raw Punk fanatics!!! 400 copies black vinyl and 100 copies red vinyl (limited) in both sides printed fold out sleeve, so hurry up as they are moving fast!