Thursday, 20 February 2014

OUT NOW BLINDED "plíce plný popela-demo" ep

Blinded "plíce plný popela-demo" ep (RAW 041)
Prague D-Beat Mafia strikes back. another fantastic raw punk noise assault from czech republic. their brilliant demo on a limited edition vinyl version (only 205 copies made). 6 tracks straight forward D-Takt Hardcore Punk, the swedish way!!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Dispose/Infekzioa "Split" "12 (RAW 038)
Infekzioa from Spain with their debut after the brilliant demo tape. Ultraraw D-Beat Hardcore Punk in the vein of MG15 and older south american stuff! Dispose with another 6 primitive straight to the point D-Beat Raw Punk tracks. "RAWPOCALYPSE NOW!!!"

OUT NOW CRUTCHES "lurad" "12

Crutches "Lurad" "12 (RAW 037)
Malmö(Sweden) strikes back with mighty Crutches. Classic noisy D-Beat Raw Punk Hardcore straight to the point, primitve and loud! Fantastic debut in the vein of Disclose, Infernöh, Warvictims etc! With members of Ursut, Project Hopeless etc.

OUT NOW ANGER BURNING/EARTH CRUST DISPLACEMENT "distruction never ends split" "12

Anger Burning/ExCxDx "Split" "12 (RAW 032)
Anger Burning with 7 older Tracks from 2010. Again perfect played D-Beat Hardcore Punk in the vein of Anti Cimex, Shitlickers and of course Discharge! Earth Crust Displacement from Berlin with 6 tracks and a cover (Dismachine) blistering Raw Dis-Noise Terror!!!

OUT NOW EARTH CRUST DISPLACEMENT/GAU "distort berlin split" "12

ExCxDx/GAU "Distort Berlin" "12 (RAW 031)
"DISTORT BERLIN"!!! Earth Crust Displacement with another 6 Tracks and a cover (Discover) Distorted Raw Punk D-Beat Noise Inferno! Gau with a fantastic recording in the vein of Gai, Confuse, Swankys. Berlin's back on the map. Total Distorted Destruction!!!

OUT NOW CLITSHITTERS/EARTH CRUST DISPLACEMENT "antimusikalische aktion split" ep

Clitshitters/ExCxDx "Split" ep (RAW 029)
Clitshitters=HEAVY NUKES! 4 brilliant Raw Noisy Hardcore-tracks. "Ultra Mega Raw" with more Distortion! ECD= Earth Crust Displacement! Berlins Dis-Noise Inferno with 3 tracks in the vein of Giftgasattack, Disclose etc! transparent vinyl!!! limited to 200 copies only!

OUT NOW HEAVY NUKES "new ep" "12

Heavy Nukes "2nd EP" 12 (RAW 027)
After the brilliant debut "7ep, here we go with the next strike!!! Again, 8 incredible raw brutal Swedish Oldschool Hardcore tunes in the vein of Shitlickers and Anti Cimex!!! No compromises on this one, just pure Swedish "Ultra Mega Raw" Hardcore!!!


Fear Of Extinction/MOTH "Split" ep (RAW 030)
Fear Of Extinction from Czech with another great release. Pure fast forward Dis-Attack Hardcore Punk in the vein of Totalitär, Avskum etc! March Of The Hordes with metallic Hardcore Punk with growling vocals and a lot of Darkness!!!

OUT NOW IRRITATION "Nattsvart Framtid" LP

Irritation "Nattsvart Framtid" LP (RAW 023)
Swedish D-Beat Crust Band Irritation with Passiv Dödshjälp / Kronistk Misantropi / Asylium members with furious whirlwind Hardcore Crust ala Wolfpack, Disfear etc. !!! Swedish Hardcore Mangel in full effect!!! Debut album by this great Band!!!