Saturday, 20 February 2016


Plastic Surgery Disaster "s/t" "12 (RAW XXX)
Dresden Raw Grind/Death Assault, true from the heart. no cat number on this one, as this does not fits in the small universe of Rawmantic Disasters Records, ;-)! Supporting long time friends and great creative and active people from over there.
For this record: i do not like metal at all. these recordings from 2015 completly rule with its punky and noisy raw atmosphere on everything. total terrorizer/nausea  worship, and surprise surprise including a terrorizer cover track, :-) ! beautiful artwork in full colour, same with the labels.... "metal", haha!!! black and beautiful blue vinyl.

OUT NOW EBOLA "the last drop" LP

Ebola "the last drop" LP (RAW 057)
Berlin Dog Shit City classic 90ies crustcore violence to the max! first album after several (split) eps and the the split"12 with M.V.D.! Here we have the last ever made recordings from 2005, mixed by Anti-Machine Grobi down under, kisses! Female fronted Hardcore Punk in your face, Blastbeat meets D-Takt. feat. members of M.V.D., Autoritär, etc..... co-release with several labels. black or red vinyl (lim. edition).

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Dispose/Skitsofrenia "split" ep (RAW 049)
after long long long delays (Thanx and fuck OFF to DHL), here we have it: the long awaited "sweden vs. far east" raw punk split! no suprises on this one, just the raw noise as needed. Dispose's Dis-Nightmare still continues. Skitsofrenia with Raw D-Takt HC-Punk! very few copies left!


Knark "s/t" LP (RAW 053)
Classic swedish Raw Hardcore Punk feat. members of Makabert Fynd, Dissekkerad and Kakofonia. Raw Noise the old way as we love it!