Monday, 7 August 2017

OUT NOW HONNOR SS/ DISEASE "Amygdala/ Dis Nightmare Never Ends" "12

Honnor SS/ Disease "amygdala/ dis nightmare never ends" "12 (RAW 666)
"CRUCIFICADOS PELO IDIOTA" After the bands and labels waited ages for Steven of Crucificados Pelo Systema Records for any reply about this project, which was planned as a co-release between Crucificados Pelo Systema Records and Rawmantic Disasters Records, we realized, Steven just fucked it up (again). Too much trouble, too much lies, too much stupid shit, noone needs and less communication. Who knows whats behind this, but we hope this great label, which it is, won't die, but it depends on Steven. "Stick yourself together FUKKA and do the right thing!!!"
So, what we finally have here is the final release of a noisy raw split "12 on Rawmantic Disasters Records only. Total D-Beat Raw Punk War by Disease from Macedonia and Honnor SS from Sweden. Disease southeast european Disclose-Clone number one, whenever you get the chance to get their "neverending warcrimes" "12, take it, it is as great as DIS songs on the split. Honnor SS continue where Giftgasattack (also from Sweden) finished. Total Noise Raw Punk Violence. You will love this release as us do, so no wonder, it became cat. number 666, hehehe.... comes in gatefold sleeve with insert in black vinyl (400 copies) or limited marbled wax (100copies). we also have a few testpress editions left, with different artwork, only 30 made. 

TESTPRESS edition, handnumbered with special artwork and limited to 30 copies. 
ONLY one copy left!


Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Crutches "sald" "12  (RAW 068)
Rawmantic Disasters is more than happy to be on board again for the new "12 of Malmös Crutches, their third "12. This band, a bunch of great friends is touring the world like no other band from europe, they keep it straight authentic HC-Punk as a way of life. On this new "12 the guys keep it straight Raw D-Beating the swedish way. Brilliant third album coz RAW IS THE LAW! black and limited white splattered wax available. 


Fear Of Extinction/ Passiv Dödshjälp "split" "12 (RAW 067)
The band of Phobia Records' genius Mirek,  Fear Of Extinction still running the total "Totalitär" worshipping. After an own "12 last year and severeal "7s and split "7s, another brutal sight of noise straight from the katakombs of Prague/Czech. Passiv Dödshjälp releasing shitlots of records since years, allways straight scandicore, good musicans, less raw. So, on this on its all about Fear Of Extinction and the grandious cover artwork, sorry to Passiv Dödshjälp, you are great, but RAW IS THE LAW! black and limited coloured wax available.


Diskobra/ Bakounine "split" "12 (RAW 064)
D-Beat Raw Punk Clash, the european way. Diskobra with their forth assault on wax after the "7 and the tunes on the 4 way compilations "Orban Nepe"12 and "Distorted Minds in a sick world"12. What you can expect here is uncompromising Discharge/Disclose worshipping 666%. Bakounine from France play fast paced D-Beating HC-Punk. Another brutal attack after the album and the split"12s with Dispose and The flue Sniffers. RAW IS THE LAW. limited copies, so be fast!