Monday, 23 September 2013

OUT NOW BRÄCHRAITS "November '89 Demos 1990/1992" LP

Brächraits "November '89 demos 1990+1992" LP(RAW 024)
timeless classic east german noisy punk/hardcore attack outta Stalinstadt ("first socialistic town in germany", haha). each demo recorded on primitive taperecorder in rehearsal, but great sound quality. raw to the bones!!! historical document in the vein of SCHLEIM KEIM, L'ATTENTAT, PARANOIA etc etc etc. 300 copies on black vinyl with insert. GDR PUNK AT ITS BEST!!!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


KRÜGER “2nd ep”ep (RAW 028)
next stike from the D-BEAT MAFIA PRAGUE! 8 furious, raw new songs in brutal D-TAKT HARDCORE PUNK STYLE!!! 2 vocals male/ female on straight forward raw noisy CRUSTCORE SOUND. brilliant sound on this one. one of the best bands from czech at the moment!!! white vinyl!!!

OUT NOW DISTRESS "Life, Death, Rebirth" LP

DISTRESS “life, death, rebirth”LP (RAW 019)
first full lenght on vinyl by our russian friens from st.petersburg.  after numerous cd releases, the split ep with diskelma, the split “10 with eskatologia, this time more METALLIC RAW HARDCORE, distress goes direction STENCHCORE and they did a great job!!! fantastic cover artwork in gatefold sleeve two coloured. 12 new songs pressed up on 500 black vinyls and 200 coloured vinyls!

Monday, 29 July 2013


this one is an absolute killer release. finally besthöven from brazil with new recordings, 6 tracks DIS-CIMEX HORRORCORE, new material after shitlots of releases FINAL SLUM WAR hail from spain and play classic noisy D-TAKT NOISE THRASH in the vein of MG15. fantastic earbleeding noise. new material after the great great ep. 500 copies in black vinyl. this is a split release with NUKLEAR FEAR RECORDS and IMMINENT DISTRUCTION RECORDS. thanx to jacob(again) and phil!!!


BRILLIANT D-TAKT RAW PUNK ASSAULT by ANGER BURNING, the masters themselves vs. SWEDISH GRINDCORE ATTACK by LIVET SOM INSAT. AB continue with perfect played DISCHARGE WORSHIPPING D-BEAT RAW PUNK. after their great great great "WHEN" "12, the "WARCHARGE"ep and the split ep with DISCOVER, here we go with another 3 tracks which will blow you away, believe me! LSI play raw grindcore. brutal, on point, fast and loud. 400 copies in black vinyl, 100 copies in yellow vinyl (mailorder only). this is a split release with AKTIVER AUSSTAND.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


HUMAN BASTARD "live and loud" "12 (RAW 021)spanish discharge/motorhead worshipping. HUMAN BASTARD with a fantastic live recording in very good sound quality, you can feel the energy. this a classic spanish D-BEAT OUTFIT you should check out. 400 copies black vinyl, 100 copies yellow vinyl (mailorder only, ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT). this is a split release with NUKLEAR FEAR RECORDS. thanx jacob!!!


SKÄNKA "demo"ep (RAW 013)ultrabrutal furious crasher crust from the states by SKÄNKA. 7 raw noisy tracks in the vein of CONFUSE, FRAMTID, GLOOM and the likes. this is their demo on vinyl for the first (and last) time. members also play in DISABLE (which i love, ;-) ). 300 copies in black vinyl and 200 copies blue vinyl. this is a split release with AKTIVER AUSSTAND.

OUT NOW PARANOID "Hardcore Addict" EP (Ex-Electric Funeral)

PARANOID "hardcore addict"ep (ex-electric funeral) (RAW 012)
Sweden's PARANOID play blistering noisy D-TAKT-HARDCORE and continue with the great stuff ELECTRIC FUNERAL did before. 6 brilliant tracks of classic Dis-Noise Raw Punk feat. members of WARVICTIMS, BROTTSKOD 11, MOB 47. 300 copies black vinyl (SOLD OUT, sorry) and 200 copies red vinyl (ONLY A FEW LEFT, sorry again). this is a split release with PHOBIA RECORDS, thanx mirek!!!

Friday, 29 March 2013


Warvictims/Dropend "split" "12 (RAW 018)
this one is an absolute killer release. finally warvictims with new recordings from 2012, their best material after shitlots of releases. swedish dis-noise with members of paranoid, electric funeral, brottskod 11, giftgasattack, human waste etc etc etc. last years minitour in germany was the first and probably last time to watch them live, it was a blast!!! dropend hail from japan and play typical noisy d-beat crasher crust thrash. fantastic earbleeding noisecore. their best material after the demo/"7 ep. this release comes in two different cover designs, both including picture innersleeve. co-release with the best swedish label at the moment dtakt and rapunk!!! 500 copies in black vinyl, 200 copies in silver vinyl (mailorder only or at the bands). limited edtion of 700 copies all in all! split release with

OUT NOW DISWAR "the sounds of war" "12

Diswar "the sounds of war" "12 (RAW 015)
spanish discharge worshipping with a release which is so clichee in music style, cover artwork and everything left, u can't beat. a rawmantic homage to the masters from the past. 11 tracks classic d-beat raw punk. with bothsided inlay!!! co-release with 3 other labels. limited edition of 300 copies.

OUT NOW ANGRY MOB "the genocide continues" "12

Angry Mob "the genocide continues" "12 (RAW 016)
angry mob hail from spain with members of violent headache, disputa etc etc etc. superb straight forward noisy d-beat hardcore, primitive, noisy, loud and fucking angry!!! this is their fantastic demo tape from 1996 which now is avaiable on vinyl for the first time. finally this band get what it deserves, great release!!! limited edition of 300 copies.

OUT NOW DISKONTO "diskontinued" "12

Diskonto "diskontinued" "12 (RAW 014)
fantastic final d-takt thrash assault by the masters themselves. diskonto released shitlots of records in the past with not one single bad release, all killers. with this 9 track attack they present us their final recordings which continue with their classic scandi thrash style ala mob 47, massgrav, slaktrens etc etc etc.!!! swedish classic oldschool hardcore, that we all love. limited edititon of 400 copies in white vinyl, 100 copies in purple vinyl (mailorder only, 3 copies maximum! and/or at the band only).

OUT NOW FRIHET/HONNOR SS "scandinavian death dealers" "12

Frihet/ Honnor SS "split" "12 (RAW 011)
both bands hail from sweden, what else? frihet plays brutal scandi hardcore with deep vocals, absolutly headcracking hardcore punk in the scandinavian way. honnor ss plays classic oldschool sweden hardcore. their best material so far after the brilliant ep! co-release with aktiver ausstand records. limited edition of 300 copies.

OUT NOW DISCOVER "crimes of humanity"12

Discover "crimes of humanity" "12 (RAW 010)
Discover from gothenburg/sweden play blistering dis-noise crasher raw punk in the vein of disclose and the likes. 11 brutal earbleeding tracks incl. "fight back" (discharge). this is the vinyl version of their excellent demo tape on black konflikt records 2006!!! with members of giftgasattack!!! includes a poster in "12 size!!! first 50 copies including the "food for the warmachine" ep (at rawmantics mailorder only). co-release with phobia records and aktiver ausstand records!!! limited edition of 300 copies.