Saturday, 7 September 2019

OUT NOW AARGH FUCK KILL "Ruled By The Insane" "12

Aargh Fuck Kill "ruled by the insane" "12 (RAW 099)
8 brand new tracks from this d-beat/HC-punk maniacs. Aargh Fuck Kill is from Hamburg, Germany.  "Ruled By The Insane" featuring 8 blistering HC-Punk tunes with english and german lyrics. Straight forward drumming meets great guitar riffingand angry angry vocals. 200 black copies, 100 purple-black marbled copies, 30 handnumbered testpress copies with different artwork.

 black version (200 copies)
 purple-black marbled version (100 copies)
testpress edition (30 copies)


Apparatus "Absurd 19" "12 (RAW 098)
Apparatus have been playing total d-beat raw punk mangel since 2000! Think classic Scandinavian style, a rawer version of Anti Cimex, Shitlickers, Mob 47 etc! After several releases over the years here we go with their latest album. "Absürd '19" contains 11 new tracks of raging deaf-raids Hardcore/Rawpunk savagery including coververions of DTAL and DNA (both from Sweden). 200 black copies, 100 green copies, 100 copies Touredition with stickered labels and silk screen printed two colour fold out cover and 30 copies Testpress edition with alternate cover and stickered labels, all with insert. In cooperation with Wild Wild East Records.

black version (200 copies)
 limited green version (100 copies)

        limited Tour-edition (100 copies)

testpress edition (30 copies)


Earth Crust Displacement/Disease "distort the world" "12 (no cat-number)
Macedonians Disclose worshipers “Disease” are back with another release! This time with a split release with Berlin’s distort maniacs “Earth Crust Displacement”.
Disease is delivering 6 new disbones that will take you into Disclose’s “Apocalypse of Death” era. On the other side Earth Crust Displacement brings you 7 tracks of massive sound of raw D-beat noise inferno!
Limited to 500 copies, 400 black and 100 black-white marbled. There is also a limited number of 30 copies of the test press with new artwork, handnumbered. In cooperation with Phobia Records with small modifications and different cover artwork to the australian OG press on Black Agaianst Night Records.

 black wax edition (400 copies)
 limited white/black marbled wax edition (100 copies)
            limited Testpress-edition, stickered labels, new artwork,    
            handnumbered to 30 copies

REPRESS APPARTUS/ SVART UT "Law Of Ratts...Supersonik/Risken Att Köpa En Splitt Vinylskiva" "12

Apparatus/Svart Ut "law of the ratts....supersonik/risken att köpa en splitt vinylskiva" "12 (RAW 079) REPRESS
Here we go with the repress of the split"12 of Malaysian Raw Punk Ragers APPARATUS and SVART UT from Berlin/Germany. After several releases Apparatus with 6 tracks full straight forward HC-Punk the raw way, total D-Beat Mayhem incl. covers of Discard and Anti Cimex. Svart Ut hail from "Hardcore/Dog Shit - City" Berlin of bloody Germoney. Basically it is a sideproject of Earth Crust Displacement, same members, same style but better songs as all songs are covers of swedish classic Raw Punk Mangel incl. Mob 47, Protes Bengt, Discard, Times Square Preachers, Heavy Nukes and Skitlickers. Ultrabrutal noisy recording, it will make your ears bleed, believe me. 200 copies dark green-black marbled wax in silk screen printed two colour fold out cover with insert.