Friday, 29 March 2013


Warvictims/Dropend "split" "12 (RAW 018)
this one is an absolute killer release. finally warvictims with new recordings from 2012, their best material after shitlots of releases. swedish dis-noise with members of paranoid, electric funeral, brottskod 11, giftgasattack, human waste etc etc etc. last years minitour in germany was the first and probably last time to watch them live, it was a blast!!! dropend hail from japan and play typical noisy d-beat crasher crust thrash. fantastic earbleeding noisecore. their best material after the demo/"7 ep. this release comes in two different cover designs, both including picture innersleeve. co-release with the best swedish label at the moment dtakt and rapunk!!! 500 copies in black vinyl, 200 copies in silver vinyl (mailorder only or at the bands). limited edtion of 700 copies all in all! split release with

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