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Britcore Rawmance 001 Planet Of The Fakes "beneath the planet of the fakes" "12EP sold out
Britcore Rawmance 002 Planet Of The Fakes "don't feed the animals" "12EP last copies!!!
Britcore Rawmance 003 Criminal Minds presents 32 Troop "mayday" "12EP last copies!!!
Britcore Rawmance 004 Criminal Minds presents 32 Troop "undiffused devices" "12EP sold out
Britcore Rawmance 005 DJ Highfly "rohstoff" "12EP last copies

Britcore Rawmance 666 First Frontal Assault "the punisher" "12EP sold out
Britcore Rawmance 007 Krack Free Media "tomes and scriptures" "12EP last copies!!!

Britcore Rawmance 008 True Style "judgement day" "12EP last copies!!!
Britcore Rawmance 009 Krack Free Media "quatrains and parables" "12EP last copies!!!

Britcore Rawmance 010 Deliverance "rescue from danger" "12 LP
Britcore Rawmance 011 Counter Attack "the stormbringer" "12
Britcore Rawmance 012 The Henchmen "the darkness rises" "12
Britcore Rawmance 013 Sound Of Fury "Rising From The Ashes" "12EP

Britcore Rawmance 014 Def Defiance "Hazardous" 2xLP
Britcore Rawmance 015 Specifik "The Ill Circus" LP
Britcore Rawmance 016 DJ Yess "Quest Of Yess" "12EP 
Britcore Rawmance 017 Whirlwind D "Original Breaks To B-Lines" LP
Britcore Rawmance 018 Numskullz "Chapter One" LP 

Britcore Rawmance 019 Beats In Progress "Keep On Diggin" "12EP
Britcore Rawmance 020 Lyrikal Justice "Talk Is Cheap" "12EP 
Britcore Rawmance 021 Mistah Bohze "Astrmetricks" "12EP

Britcore Rawmance 022 Two Tone Committee "The Vertical Form" LP
Britcore Rawmance 023 Numskullz "Chapter Two" 2xLP
NEW!!! Britcore Rawmance 024 Franky Roar/Alikazam "King Slayer EP" EP NEW!!!

Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins 001 Juice MC's "secret intelligence/ this jam is under attack" "7
Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins 002 Lyrical Prophets "4 parts of war/ northside" "7
Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins 003 Planet Of The Fakes "kill-a-man twice/ignite the mic" "7
Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins 004 Blades "australian/ we run this shit" "7
Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins 005 The Mantis Chapter "iceni kings/ nightfall one" "7
Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins 006 Specifik/Project Cee feat. DJ Tones "defcon 1/ sometimes" "7

Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins 007 LTK/ DJ Tufkut "knuckle up" "7
Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins 008 Juice MC's "spydaman/ all guns barred" "7
Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins 009 Uncle Mic Nitro "bod gets slapped up/T-2000" "7
Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins 010 Double Agents "agents invasion/creatures of the night" "7
NEW!!! Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins 011 The Sworn Lord "the vengeance is mine/critial condition" "7 NEW!!!

Britcore Rawmance White Label Vandalism 001 X-Caliber "demo '98" "12EP
Britcore Rawmance White Label Vandalism 002 Radical Committee "the word is justice" "12EP

Britcore Rawmance White Label Vandalism 003 R.A.F. "demo '92/'93" "12EP last copies
Britcore Rawmance White Label Vandalism 004 Actual Proof "demo '93/'94" "12EP last copies
Britcore Rawmance White Label Vandalism 005 Selbstjustiz "subliminal apocalypse E.P." "12EP last copies

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 021 Mistah Bohze"astrometricks" 12EP

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 021 Mistah Bohze "astrometricks" 12EP
It’s just too good for being not on wax. The six track strong EP with tunes like Ornaments and Baskervilles from Scottish MC and former II Tone Committee front man (watch this space for more new old  material from II Tone in a not to far future) is incomparable unique with its dark and abstract structure. The vinyl EP also contains a bonus track, being a remix of Eh Trois, remixed by the Glaswegian himself. This release also marks the beginning of a new era, it is the first release of the new cooperation between Britcore Rawmance/Burning Anger and Underground United with many more releases to follow, so watch out for the new power pack! The EP will be available on black as well as red wax – the latter including artwork from Skat again and for now 25 test pressings with alternate artwork are available now. (Boris/Underground United)


BRITCORE RAWMANCE 020 Lyrikal Justice "talk is cheap" 12EP

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 020 Lyrikal Justice "talk is cheap" 12EP
And there you have it. These lads are just another sad example of an UK crew never getting their deserved recognition in the early 90’s, not to mention a record deal. Being from Norwich and not London didn’t help it either, on the contrary. And so it was bound to happen that Lyrikal Justice never had a single wax out and remained unheard for the majority of UK rap/Britcore folks from the UK and a fortiori for the followers on the European mainland. Starting in 1989 as DJ 3rd Degree and True Equity (MC), Lyrikal Justice made four tracks with producer R-Key from Def Tex and played a few shows before adding a new member to the group, Ransom. Ransom had recorded a couple of solo tracks produced by Chrome and Lyrikal Justice liked what they heard. They continued working with R Key and made about further eight tracks through the years of ’91-’93 with 3rd Degree also starting to produce their beats. And with a support slot for Hijack in the bag things were on the up.. They then joined forces with Tufkut from Beats in Progress and made three amazing tracks which became the Talk is Cheap EP. Without any record deal it never got to the release stage though and the crew went their separate ways – not having a single release out there. This sounds like a job for Britcore Rawmance/Burning Anger! And it is. 25 to 30 years after the date of recording (between 1991-1996) and with the help of Chrome the German label took over the original EP recordings, added a chosen few of the aforementioned demos and pressed up 100 copies each on red and ordinary black wax, both housed in a picture cover with the red version also including an wextra wrapper with some graff art from Hamburgs writer Skat plus 25 white labels with alternate artwork. Six tracks strong (which includes a DJ track) plus an intro and including instrumentals of the three strongest tracks this is interesting for anyone who likes some pleasantry unagitated and very solid early 90’s UK rap of which we cannot help but draw some parallels between Lyrikal Justice and the early Def Tex stuff. Strong and dope. (Boris/Underground United)


BRITCORE RAWMANCE 019 Beats In Progress "keep on diggin" 12EP
This record is not exactly what you’d expect to come out from Britcore Rawmance. Yes, it’s the UK’s Beats In Progress, once a loose collective of UK artists where Chrome alongside Olie Sung aka TufKut  – now being the driving force behind BIP – was involved (and he’s on this one as well). Though this one features the UK’s Chrome, Kashmere and Sir Beans OBE it also has the U S of A over it. It features Souvereigns Craig G and Percee P. Also the beats ain’t what one would call britcore. And so it will be the first Britcore Rawmance release that will not sit in the britcore shelf – but it needs a place in your shelves for sure. The production is just too fastidious dope with the rhymes being sharp and clear, the basses deep and everything is brilliantly equipped with samples. Top Pick: Beastin’ with Percee P. As usual Britcore Rawmance offers an edition of 25 copies with alternate sleeves, the main run comes in an edition of 100 copies on either green or black wax. (Boris / Underground United)
promo video

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 Deadly Sins 011 THE SWORN LORD "the vengeance is mine/critical condition" "7

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 011 The Sworn Lord "the vengeance is mine/critical condition" "7
Part eleven of the infamous "seven deadly sins" 7inch series. This is a perfect release for the label and the series feat. "the vengeance is mine" vocal track from the impossible to findsplit 12inch from back in the days and a completly unknown, unherad and of cause unreleased exclusive track from the same time period "critical condition". 666% classic UK Hardcore HipHop from 1990, produced by Davy G feat. scratches by DJ Soundmaster and machine gun fire lyricism by MC Phazer (R.I.P.). 200 copies on white wax including a complete new artwork design incl. the usual "seven deadly sins" artwork, created by Mr. Tibbz and an additional alternative cover and a fanatstic Graff Style by Skat (


BRITCORE RAWMANCE 018 Numskullz "chapter one" 12EP
Released in 1993 in very limited quantity of about 30 copies on cassette under the name of Chapter One these tracks have now finally been made available on wax. The EP on Britcore Rawmance features all six tracks of the tape and all of them are pretty dope and banging but we were especially waiting for a vinyl release of I’m Stormin’ which swept us off our feet since we heard it for the first time. Numskullz are on the radar here since a copy of the debut 12″ Enough of that/Nothing but the music  found its way to a record store in Hamburg in 1996 or ’97, prior to that the crew was meant to get signed by Blade through his 691 Influential label but that never happened as Blade was in trouble with his back then distributor WeBite (Move). Thankfully the then soon upcoming worldwide web made it easy  to search for new releases from the Bristolians, Rola, DJ Rumage and Jay Le Surgeon. To those not familiar with the trio – trust us when saying this whole EP is a early quality product of an truly underrated UK crew. Available in a limited edition of 100 black and 100 white copies(by Boris /

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 Deadly Sins 010 DOUBLE AGENTS "agents invasion/creatures of the night" "7

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 010 Double Agents "agents invasion/creatures of the night" "7
..which spans round the globe – from the UK over Germany to Australia. Namely consisting of the rapper Kid Lyrical from the Blades out of New South Wales (Australia), producer Franky Roar from Hamburg (Germany) as well as rapper Whirlwind D from Salisbury  (UK) and last but not least Specifik from Bournemouth (UK) – who’s not only responsible for the cuts but also does some verses on this. And in our opinion this record got the best out of them all. A classical heavy fast paced beat on the A side with heavy paved raps and a terribly dark and spine-chilling B side  serves us right when thinking that this should and will be of interest to most our readers here. Released in the series of Seven Deadly Sins on Britcore Rawmance and coming on translucent purple seven inches.(Boris / Underground United)

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 Deadly Sins 009 UNCLE MIC NITRO "bod gets slapped up/T-2000" "7

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 009 Uncle Mic Nitro "bod gets slapped up/T-2000" "7
Brand new 7″ from UMC aka Tekneek, The newest in the Seven deadly sins series from Britcore Rawmance has been released today. Making heavy usage of the Apache break from the Incredible Bongo Band the A-side is running at 120 beats per minute. Featuring Jabbathakut on the decks and Ramson Badbonez and Ced Gee (Ultramagnetic MC”s) on the microphone this alone would make it a desirable 7″ already. But then there’s also the B-side. Even 10 bpm faster than that many of you will now that tune. Being 15 years old and originally released on CD only (on the Dark Craftsmen album) it finally made it onto vinyl. T2000 is an homage to the old britcore sound and if you don’t know it yet, have a listen to both tunes on the below. (by Boris /

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 017 WHIRLWIND D "original breaks to b-lines LP "

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 017 Whirlwind D "original breaks to b-lines" LP
The third and brand new long player from Whirlwind D....but this is not just another album. Containing never heard before older demos but also newer tracks it reflects 30 years of Whirlwind D as a recording artist and with this release he takes us on a journey back to his early days and into the present day. Starting with tracks from the very early 90’s with Solid’n’Mind and Liberty Grooves to the return with the WD40 12″ and the more recent releases with B-Line Recordings the LP also fills in some gaps of what happened between those days. Being one of the many highlights here is “Brainwash”, a track that never passed the demo stage and is a rough diamond . Recorded in 1990 it came out of the “Original Break” sessions, the recordings of the very first Solid’n’Mind 12″ back then. Other tunes such as “Son’s Rise” were taken from an demo cassette from 1997, sounding different to any other of his releases. For some reason some tracks never made it onto the other releases and are now presented on here, just like “Carpathian Dreams”. Although containing a few contemplative moments such as the previously released “Falling” or the musing “Creature” – exclusive to this release – most of the previously released tracks are the uptempo and hardcore tracks Whirlwind D had done (on this occasion – check Beattrix remix of “Doin’ It“, entitled “Doin’ It Again“) and we’re sure many regular visitors here will appreciate that. A manifold and well compiled album and a must not only for fans, if you haven’t got any Whirlwind D yet this should be your first to get! There are 100 copies each on white or black vinyl available.(by Boris /

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 016 DJ YESS "quest of yess" "12EP

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 016 DJ Yess "quest of yess" "12EP
Previously unreleased demos from the UK producer and DJ who had put out three releases with his back then partner – D. Crime – from the early to the mid-nineties, one being “Time for action” in 1992. Sadly, numerous tracks remained unreleased, featuring many different rappers on the vox, such as AK Dope, Wavey C, Da Jazz, MC Shaolin, MC Djedi (Sound Wave Covenant) and of course – D. Crime, all recorded sometime between the late 80’s and the mid 90’s. And while the style of the aforementioned releases weren’t very typical for the UK at that time, though not being always laid back but mostly backed up by fat jeep beats, this is different. The EP pretty much sums up to be – and that’s by no means a bad thing – typical old school hardcore rap (if not impossible to say “britcore”) release from the UK, just delivering the rawness from that era also. Being from the same period but not necessarily the same year and also featuring a motley gang of rappers makes this congruously a very variegated release. Copies on either blue or ordinary black wax are available, 100 copies each only. (Boris/Underground United)

black wax edition, 100 copies made
blue wax edition, 100 copies made
Testpress edition, 30 copies made





BRITCORE RAWMANCE 015 Specifik "the ill circus" LP
Having released his debut album on his own label B-Line Recordings two and a half years ago, Specifik is now back with its successor. By reading the track list on the cover alone you get an idea what this must and will sound like. A huge list of infamous names from all the different angles of UK Hip Hop promises this to be very versatile, just like the debut Eighty3 in 2016. And that’s what it is indeed. Every track comes with its very own flavour and special ingredients, painstakingly fitting the rhymers and often rounded up by serious cutting and scratching. Of course we got to hear the B-Line posse on this – Whirlwind D, Chrome, Doozer, Carpetface, Project Cee, Jabbathakut (one third of Jeep Beat Collective with K-Delight and Dave The Ruf) and Uncle Mic Nitro a.k.a. Lord Tekneek from Dark Craftsmen on two tracks. But then there also are DJ Krash Slaughta, Kid Lyrical from the Blades (Australia), Iceski, Cosm, Rola, DJ Tones, Junior Disprol from the Dead Residents, Nilla, Sol Zalez from New Jersey (as heard on the first Specifik LP before) and more.  Therefore the versatility is not surprising, this album got it all. From the smoother “Dis-May” which features Figure Of Speech and runs at 90 BPM to the fastest track, “We Come Around” with cuts from DJ Tones at 116 BPM. When you hear Uncle Mic Nitro beginning the first verse on this with “Witness the strength as I commence..” then you know this will be some Britcore fire. An all-rounder and definite sure shot for your record collection as the album caters every taste and anyone will dig an other favourite track. What really is surprising is the label releasing this. Available on green, green/black marbled and ordinary black wax. (Boris/ Underground United)

black wax edition, 100 copies made
green wax edition, 100 copies made

green/black splattered wax, 100 copies made


SELBSTJUSTIZ "subliminal apocalypse" "12EP

BRITCORE RAWMANCE WHITE LABEL VANDALISM 005 Selbstjustiz "subliminal apocalypse" 12EP
Experiencing the typical career of a Hardcore Hip-Hop/Britcore crew in Germany, Selbstjustiz (German for “Vigilantism”) was founded in the very early 90’s and disbanded sometime in the mid to the late 90’s (1996 in this case) but not without having recorded numerous tracks which then remained unreleased. A career they share with (too) many crews, we are still is on our mission to release as most of these as possible, despite their delay of more than 20 years and consequently the lack of interest within today’s scene. Still, there are some people who have not forgotten and appreciate these releases as us do.
Having started working on their album it remained unfinished when the band split up in 1996. We released a chosen six of these on the series entitled “White Label Vandalism”. Coming with the typical cover of the series with graffiti artwork and of course a release sheet this is naturally a white label release, limited to 100 copies plus 20 test pressing available with inverted artwork, both being available.
Musically sharing a very similar-sounding style with Radical Committee as released earlier in the series, there are also (not only musical) parallels to Morbid Games from Kellinghusen, Germany. Delivering mostly political lyrics in German, English and Turkish the crew is influenced by several musical genres such as Industrial, Punk, Ragga, early Jungle, Orchestral Music, Dub, Jazz and obviously Britcore their music is different, experimental and one never to pigeonhole. Although we chose the more conventional Britcore tunes for this release but make up your own mind. Overall a great example of the spirit of the German Hardcore scene around 1992 to 1995. Jump into the time machine. (Text by Boris/Underground United)


ACTUAL PROOF "demo '93/'94" "12EP

BRITCORE RAWMANCE WHITE LABEL VANDALISM 004 Actual Proof "demo '93/'94" 12EP   
This quite legendary crew from Oberhausen (North Rhine-Westphalia area, Germany) is a characteristic example of the difficulties German Hardcore Hip-Hop bands went through within their career. Having recorded several demos and playing gigs throughout Germany (Actual Proof even played at the infamous “United B-Boys of Norway” jam 1995 in Oslo, Norway), they nevertheless stood there without an own release when they eventually disbanded after the rise and fall of Britcore in Germany and the European mainland. With this, Actual Proof experienced a history similar to other German Hardcore-Hip Hop legends, such as Direkt Action, Syren or Hard Bass although it did look quite well in 1994 when Blue Eyes got them the opportunity to reach a broader audience, even in the UK, with the release of “Underground Unsigned Vol. 1” which featured two tracks from the group. The compilation was meant as a stepping stone for further tracks to be released or even to gain interest from a label to get any of the artists signed. It didn’t happen however, although idea and implementation were great. It took 17 years to have the next and so far only other output by the group which was “Falze Prophets” on Underground United Vol. 2 LP in 2011 (being a demo from 1994), Although Echo Vee was still rapping and featured on releases from Too Strong or Fast Forward over the years. Thankfully, this is changing now and everyone gets to hear further material. As part of Britcore Rawmance’s “White Label Vandalism” series, this white label EP comes in the typical black-and-white printed sleeve complete with release sheet and artwork. There’s a run of 100 regular copies and 20 test pressings with inverted artwork available. Having recorded enough demos for another Actual Proof output in this series, this EP hopefully receives enough interest and feedback to make a further Actual Proof release happen in the not too far future. Fingers are crossed!  (Text by Boris/Underground United)


R.A.F. "demo '92/'93" "12EP

Reimende AntiFaschisten "demo '92/'93"12EP
Being one of the very few Britcore crews from Germany rapping in German language, Hamburg Hardcore crew R.A.F. put out two releases on their own, the Jugoslawien EP in 1995 and Das Kommando a year after (not to forget their appearance on the Full Fear Movement 12″) but if you ever saw them live in the early to mid 90’s you will know that these sociopolitical rappers had quite some more tracks which never were released though including some very early material such as “Seit dem Fall der Mauer”, “Unwetter” and “Viele Millionen”. Also, there were further and different early versions of their 1996 slamming title track “Das Kommando”. All these, including one of the early versions of “Das Kommando” are featuring on the newest release of Britcore Rawmance, also including further recordings  and demos from the early R.A.F. days, ’92/’93. Converted from old demo tapes the sound quality is mostly rough and dirty (just like demos sounded about 25 years ago) but no excuse there – it’s the best quality available and as always it’s either these or none. Like all releases of the “White Label Vandalism” series so far, this again is a limited white label release coming in the monochrome unique cover of the series, complete with a release sheet containing further info and artwork. One not to miss, coming as a limited press of 100 copies and 20 additional test pressings with different artwork. Available from Britcore Rawmance. (Text by Boris/Underground United)

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 008 JUICE MC's "spydaman/all guns barred" "7

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 008 Juice MC's "spydaman/all guns barred "7
The new "7 by the crew from the UK and their second release in the "7 Deadly Sins" series. This time two brilliant tunes feat. Dookie Squad and Mr.Morph (of Planet of the Fakes). One track completly new, one track is a remake of an old classic. Plus another beat-box bonus track. Regular run is 200 copies in the usual "7 deadly sins" artwork (by MR. Tibbz).



BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 007 Lincensed To Kill "kuckle up"7
unreleased stuff from 1992 brought together by Mr. TUFKUT plus 2 remastered tunes from the infamous LTK/DJ Life split white label"12 from back in 1991. 200 copies will made in the usual "7 deadly sins" artwork (by MR.Tibbz).expect 666% UK classic hiphop hardcore flavour 1991/92 "apache" meets "hardnoise" meets fast beats and rhymes. RAW TO THE BONES


RADICAL COMMITTEE "the word is justice" "12EP

Radical Committee "the word is justice "12EP 
Germany 1991-1996. Ultrafast and super raw hardcore hiphop with 5 vocal-tracks, originally released on a demo tape, remastered now. Think classic Silver Bullet ("bring down the walls" era)! Fantastic historical document on how much influence the British HipHop sound spreads over Europe in the early 90ies. All tracks in english language. Regular run is 100 copies "12 whitelabel with stamped labels in a silk screen printed outersleeve (layouted by Han Shock) and a black/white both sided printed insert.



X-CALIBER "demo 1998" "12EP

X-Caliber "demo 1998" "12EP
Hamburg-Switzerland connection. The recordings are from the demo, released as a tape back in 1998. Total devastating hardcore hiphop (Britcore) with 6 vocal tracks and two instrumental tunes. Regular run is 100 copies "12 whitelabel with stamped labels in a silk screen printed outersleeve (layouted by Han Shock) and a black/white both sided printed insert.




BRITCORE RAWMANCE 014 Def Defiance "hazardous" 2xLP
Finally, finally, finally we have the impossible to find tape vinylized. UK classic Hardcore HipHop BIZ, 16 tracks from the original tape from back in the days, lovely remastered by ROLA!

Britcore heads and fans of the early 90s hip-hop era better pay attention for this announcement of the long overdue release by Def Defiance and their LP "Hazardous". Originally released in 1992 on limited cassette only. The artwork has been meticulously reproduced by Mr Tibbz to get as close to the original as possible and decorate the gatefold sleeve.
200 copies only. 100 in black vinyl with full colour gatefold sleeve. 100 on white vinyl, watch below!!!

A: Hazardous
A: Chemical Attack
A: I Don't Burn
A: Breakout (From the DD shack)
B: Come Into My Realm
B: Blow On It
B: 6000ft Underground
B: Drop It Jay

C: Perpertratin Frauds
C: Definitely Def
C: When The Skys Black ft. Plan B
C: Check Dis One
D: Kimberley The Kat
D: Whos The Abuser? 
D: Poetically Lyricin
D: Jolly Ginger
D: Critical Point Booster

 SPECIAL limited bundle Def Defiance "hazardous" 2xLP + "music fusion" "12
Limited bundle 2xlp on white vinyl in full colour gatefold sleeve plus the "music fusion" "12 on black vinyl with stickered innersleeve plus insert plus silk screen printed outersleeve.
Limited to 100 copies only!!!

E: Music Fusion
E:  Cruising At 30'000 Ft.
F: Terrified Faces
F: One Way To Reach


BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 006 Specifik/ Project Cee feat. DJ Tomes "defcon 1/ sometimes" "7
Part 6 of our infamous series of 7inch beauties. This time we are proud to present our partners in crime from the B-Line Recordings Family. Specifik: after several releases during the last two decades and a furious monster album in 2016 ("eighty3" on B-Line Recordings), he teamed up with his long time partner Project Cee of "Def Defiance" fame. What you have here are two 666% classic UK  Hip Hop Hardcore tunes with furious scratches by DJ Tones, who does not need any more introduction as he is on so many releases. This guy needs his own release sooner or later, :-) !!! the whole monster is strictly limited to 200 copies only on clear vinyl in a double sided printed coversleeve as usual in our series.

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 013 SOUND OF FURY "rising from the ashes" "12EP

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 013 Sound Of Fury "rising from the ashes" "12EP
It’s just unfathomable that these tracks haven’t had a proper release yet and we had to wait more than 20 years for that to happen. Recorded between 1992 and 1996 and vocalised by Majesta who is also responsible for most production work on these tracks. This is a 6 track strong 12″ on black  wax. It would have gotten big when released not only on self-made tapes back then but on vinyl the same era it was recorded but still will gain huge respect these days – which is well deserved.
Even though many people won’t have heard of Sound Of Fury yet, you will have heard of some of the crews related and commingled with the posse such as Undivided Attention, Parlour Talk, Tee Cut Posse, The Animal Of Anham All Asylum and all of the Hairy Parents posse.
If you like the Bristol accent and Bristol Hip Hop but also if you like UK Hip Hop…or if you’re just into dope Hip Hop in general – then this one is for you! We wouldn’t be complete without this. Big!

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 005 THE MANTIS CHAPTER "iceni kings/ nightfall one" "7

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 005 The Mantis Chapter "i ceni kings/ nightfall one" "7
The Cambridge duo returns to wax..
After their phenomenal debut album in combination in 2013, the M.A.N.T.I.S. returns on wax, released by Britcore Rawmance as the next part of the Seven Deadly Sins series. With the LP “Nocturnal Sorceries” still being on heavy rotation after almost 3 years we were eagerly waiting for new TMC material to be released and like expected this is not disappointing in any way and was absolutely worth the waiting. Two brand new banging tracks from TSOne and Acas13 in their unique style plus DJ Tones on the cuts on both of them – if you are down with them and their sound then give it a go, show your love and support these guys! limited to 200 copies only.

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 004 BLADES "australian/ we run this shit" "7

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 004 Blades "australian/ we run this shit" "7
this double A-sided 7″ features 2 tracks from their 2014 album “The Leak” which was available on limited cassette run only. Britcore Rawmance picked “Australian” and “We Run This Shit” which features the Monkey Sons to be the fourth release in the Seven Deadly Sins series. classic uk inspired hc-hiphop. limited to 200 copies only.

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 012 THE HENCHMEN "the darkness rises" "12

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 012 The Henchmen "the darkness rises" "12
One half of First Frontal Assault (cult uk hiphop crew on mighty MusicOf Life Records 1991) returns to the scene as The Henchmen with the debut 12″ being in the typical vein of the 90’s UK Britcore style. Hard hitting uptempo drums and fast, raging lyrics combined with dark, orchestral and movie samples. But not sounding to much dated in sound and style, although being undoubtedly hooked on that style and era. No new invention and nothing totally new here but this will take many Britcore hearts by assault (no pun intended).  good addition to everyone’s Britcore collection!
Featuring 2 tracks with instrumentals and acapellas plus a remix of one of the tunes. limited to 200 copies only.

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 011 COUNTER ATTACK "the stormbringer" "12

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 011 Counter Attack "the stormbringer" "12
20 years old treasure lifted..1994. From  Göttingen (and Hildesheim), Germany, a crew called Black Essenz made their first attempt on vinyl, on the self-produced various artists compilation “Tag der Abrechnung”, which featured 2 of their tracks amongst some other crews (One of them becoming Cheech & Iakone later). Their sound would be best described as “Germcore” (Or Germ-Hardcore as on the booklet there).
The crew split shortly after, but 4 of the 6 members continued as Counter Attack from there on, recording and performing until 1997 before the crew entirely fell apart. Although from 1994 on there were further attempts to release a record and get known and heard, including the opportunity of a major deal with East West, this never happened and to most heads “Counter Attack” remained unknown. The contract with East West would’ve included a single and an album, but as the deal was withdrawn the demos remained at the studio for legal reasons. Only a very few demos tapes of the single were circulating, the single that was supposed to be released in 1996 – “Stormbringer”.

For those who never heard of Counter Attack before –  this wouldn’t have changed Britcore or “Germcore” back then, no new Readykill or No Remorze discovered here, but this would have been a benefit now and then. And it is! Recorded between 1994 and 1997, containing 2 tracks plus Intro and Outro and also the Instrumentals on the flip side. Coming lovely packed with a bit of background story and pictures of the crew on a 12″ sized sheet, this record is available on ordinary black as well as on red wax. And who else could have released it than Britcore Rawmance who already made an impact with some unheard underground material before.

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 010 DELIVERANCE "rescue from danger" "12LP

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 010 Deliverance "rescue fom danger" LP
BN1, BN1, BN1..
This is the crew that made Brighton’s ZIP-Code famous in Hip-Hop-Europe in the early to mid-nineties. Deliverance, or the D-Crew how they used to call themselves often, only ever released 4 12″s, including one EP within 5 years between 1992 and 1996. In an interview conducted by German Hip Hop fanzine “Frontal” in 1996 done after their gig with II Tone Committee and Direkt Action in Hamburg, D-Crew members said they’re more into singles than an album at that time and would continue doing up to 6 or 7 singles first and see how it works before eventually releasing an mini-album called “Cinematics In A Vision”. However, the scene changed and no further tracks were recorded let alone released. Those who saw them live knew there were more tracks put together though, not only from Deliverance’ precursor P.H.P. but from Deliverance themselves, a couple of demo tracks were passed around for decades now, recorded from tape to tape to tape…and the sound quality became worse every time but the people loved the very few tracks that leaked through nevertheless – If they were lucky enough to get their hands on those at all!
In 2014 Britcore Rawmance made the effort and was able to persuade the former D-Crew members to release a collection of the remaining  tracks  in form of an album. The crew took out the old recordings, and resurrected them. The album, entitled “Rescue From Danger” includes tracks from a period of 1989 to 1995, which have been remastered, technically reworked and also remixed by Sirvive in the D-Crews very own way!

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 003 PLANET OF THE FAKES "kill-a-man twice/ ignite the mic" "7

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 003 Planet Of The Fakes "kill a man twice/ignite the mic" "7
The self-proclaimed Britcore Supergroup is back with their third release..
..a 45er on Britcore Rawmance, as part 3 of the “Seven Deadly Sins Series”. The 7″ is pressed on crystal-clear wax and available through Britcore Rawmance. The tracks are in the typical vein of classical Britcore. It got everything that it needs to be called Britcore. Tempo and abrasiveness, hard hitting drum patterns overlain by sirens and last but not least vocal samples from legendary Britcore crews are used. Even from the titles you can guess that these guys are trying hard to be classified as such (Katch 22 / Gunshot). The release has been lovely put together by Britcore Rawmance and although this more is a “Must-Have”!

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 002 LYRICAL PROPHETS "4 parts of war/ northside" "7

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 002 Lyrical Prophets "4 parts of war/northside" "7
The posse from the north..
…Germany’s northernmost Hardcore Rap crew from the island of Sylt to be precise. Two previously unreleased tracks have just been unleashed, “4 Parts Of War” which clamps down on racism, nationalism and fascism and which features Dark Shade from Hamburg-Hardcore combo Respublica, and the uptempo track “Northside” on the flip side, with it’s non-interchangeable and uncompromising German hardcore style.
Both tracks have been recorded in 1994 and made their way on the Prophets’ Demo-Tape the same year, which caught the attention of Blue Eyes, who took two of the tracks for the infamous “Underground Unsigned” sampler the same year (“Bastard” and  “German Passport”). The rest of the tracks remained unreleased before the downloads were made available here and Britcore Rawmance finally picked them up to press them on wax.
And here we go – Lyrical Prophets as part of the “Seven Deadly Sins Series” on a 33⅓ 7″ on red wax, with two tracks more than 20 years old. 

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 001 JUICE MC's "secret intelligence/this jam is under attack" "7

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 001 Juice MC's "secret intelligence/this jam is under attack" "7
The hip hop family tree is VAST. It's roots stretch out mile upon mile, spanning borders, cultures and genres. The fruit from this tree varies from branch to branch. Some sweet, some sour, some young, some old. Over the years hip hop has encompassed the entire globe, and to those who know their history, there is a very specific sound to those early UK bangers. Occasionally, an artist manages to capture that very raw energy that encapsulated those early years. The 'New' Old School. This release oozes with it. Let's use this opportunity to take it apart and analyse just what it is that grabs us by the hand and says "Tap your toes and nod your head! NOW!"
Straight outa Tamworth and around since the mid 80s, the crew features a classic combo of 2 MCs (Wordz and AJ) and 1 DJ (Suicide Petch), and they use it to it's full potential. Knowing when and where to pass the mic and hype the other MC, and where to place the scratches have always been essential to the construction of a hardcore dance floor filler. The first track 'Secret Intelligence' comes in with an eerie sample, taken from the cult classic 'Warriors' of 1979. The atmosphere and chinking of bottles sets the scene perfectly, anticipating the beat which kicks in straight away with a stupid amount of energy, cuts to get wet over, and a familiar sample utilized by PWEI in the 90's, "Can You Dig It?" - Yes we most certainly can! (sorry, couldn't resist) As the ryhmes proceed to roll, the bassline takes a hold and drags the listener by the scruff of their collar deeper into the track. The format here is a blessing on the ears, that familiar flow of drops and highs giving gravitas to the MCs as they tell their story.
Like much of my favorite bits of the early UK scene, this track is political and culturally aware, telling tales of street corner contempt, and making it clear that we have a voice that must be heard... at any cost. Closing with another well placed sample, this track is one for the DJs and one for the breakers. That classic driving beat and rolling bass are perfect for the energy this track needs to carry. Resist moving along if you dare.
The accompanying track is no less of a foot stomper. Funk guitars crowd surf you into the vibe on a bed of drummers arms, while the MCs use it's energy to hype the audio crowd. This track seems to scream it's head off with one word - "BOUNCE". And it truly believes in it, like it's become it's religion. The lyrics once again tell of a fight against our corporate culture, "What does the future hold in store? - Equal rights for ever more." This is party hip hop with a message, and the fact that it holds that true essence of the early scene is nothing less than a huge compliment. The return of small batch vinyl and the passionate love of the wax itself marries with releases such as this one with no wooden spoon in sight. If this culture was a tree, it would be a Yew, surviving for eons, growing endless branches and re-rooting forever more. I for one am tying up a rope swing and cracking open the lino, come join me. 

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 009 KRACK FREE MEDIA "quatrains and parables" "12EP

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 009 Krack Free Media "quatrains and parables" "12EP
The opening track here is fierce and unrelenting. 'Escaping The Clutch Of The Grifting Conna'. Imagine if you can, that someone managed to squeeze a full blown riot from the streets of Scotland into a single PA and speaker stack that has been rammed into a small, dirty, run down venue lost somewhere in the back alleys of the back of beyond. In other words - this is NOT for the faint hearted. Big in every sense of the word, the lyrics fire at you at a pace mostly untouched these days by the UK hip hop charts. I dare say most MCs couldn't even reach it. The cuts only add to the panic as the track builds into a climax of it's tribal drums and lethal lyricism. As far as first impressions go, we can tell that this wax - means business. The second offering here seeps with old school vibe. Taken back to the days of pirate radio, 'Embark On Such Adventure' treats the ears to a display of furious funk, ripping rhymes and a party atmosphere that seems to emulate those early days so well. Closing the first side is something rather more chaotic. "A fucking slaughter house!" screams the sample, and it ain't 'alf wrong. In 'Thoughts Of Panic', massive bass collides with insane strings and samples that create four walls of multi-colour sound, that in true Indiana Jones style, are closing in around you.
Switching to the b-side gives no aural relief. A retro sample gives way to more ear lobe terror in'Difference Dealer', as the MC attacks the mic like ole' Bill Wallace in a bar brawl with Bobby Burns. This is 3 and a half minutes of britcore brutalness, and I LOVE it! The next tune takes us away from the scuffle and into the groove. 'Mr. Media' has Krash Slaughter cuts that chop through the funk like a hot knife through a none dairy based olive spread, and they take pride in being the main cultural culpret in this track. The rhymes once again come time travelling from that golden era, and flow comfortably, head nodding into the final offering from vinyl 1 'Major Tyrant'. Electronic guitars and 80's cheese cover the intro in luminous tye-dyed hoodies, which are then pulled deep over our eyes as we enter into the track. With deep operatic melodies and a ridiculously familiar sample taken from classic western - Eastward's 'For A Few Dollars More' of 1965, this tune is a perfect conclusion to the wax. 

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 008 TRUE STYLE "judgement day ep" "12EP

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 008 True Style "judgement day ep" "12EP
A crew from 92 bring us a 7 track ep lifted from a demo tape recorded in mark twos bedroom .this is how many unreleased gems of uk hip hop were recorded back in the day with little equipment and little money or record label backing so most just got left on the shelf on the old tdk tapes many just thrown away as the artists fell out of love with hip hop
Well thanks mark two j.jazz aivy and de.vex for dusting off the old tape and releasing it on white vinyl
The songs are fast the raps on point the scratching insane it even samples saga game altered beast now that is old school I think I can hear wills den dodgers gun smoke breakout in a track called Archangel really good track.its a rip roaring britcore beat bonanza sounding great from 92
The cover looks like a homage to hardnoise untitled simple black and white but the back cover has the weirdest photo on it very creepy ,the inner sleeve is a brilliant 2000ad inspired drawing all in all an amazing package finished off with the white marbled record

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 007 KRACK FREE MEDIA "tomes and scriptures" "12EP

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 007 Krack Free Media "tomes and scriptures" "12EP 
Not two bars in and my head is already twitching and nodding along to 'Always A Cynic' and it's rolling bassline to end all rolling basslines. Perfect for the MCs to flow over, this beat is surely bringing a gift to the legions of lino lions. I'm even tempted to ware out a little of this old stained bedroom carpet, but alas, it's my fingers right now that are dancing on the keys. Track two 'Apprentice Abattoir' seems like the perfect follow on with it's awkward roaring beat. Stomping through the speaker wire and morphing the airwaves seems like it's 'raison d'être', and the MCs clearly love the punk attitude it allows them. The rawness of the recording takes nothing away from the oomph of the track, which leads elequently to 'Perished Down To Satan's Den', and another retro sampled triumph. Visions of a grainy black and white past creep into this all-out spit-a-thon of hip hop epicness before the needle begs for attention.
Turning the wax over we can start to draw a conclusion on this epic collection of britcore mayhem, with not three but four more gems of UK goodness. "You can't compete!" chants the chorus in 'Spot The Difference', and no matter who the listener may be - i'm inclined to agree. The proceeding stompers do nothing to lessen the attack. The short and punchy 'It's Scam' is laid naked and bare before us, and then the penultimate 'Perils Of Performance' jumps in with it's bending bouncing bass and beef eating beats. Coupled with the horns and sci-fi movements of final track 'The Big Man' these are the ideal full stop to a journey of hip hop history. Like a steam train approaching the station with questionable brakes, it defines the pace and passion of the early UK era.
The fuel that created these tracks must of been nuclear because the energy they give off feels too big for a piece of round plastic to be able to capture. There is a beauty to seeing a collection of tracks such as this, that span nearly a decade of a crew's artistic lifespan. Experiencing music that comes from across an era with all the political and musical changes that come with it, seems to elequently tell a piece of history. The rawness round the edges which in this instance only seems to add to the charm, serves to capture the essence of the era, and this release does it justice in so many ways. For those that were there, an essential piece of the history, yours to own. For those of us of the younger generation, a glimpse of our fore-fathers and the path they laid down for us to follow.

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 004 CRIMINAL MINDS present 32 TROOP "undiffused devices" "12EP

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 004 Criminal Minds presents 32 Troop "undiffused devices" 12EP
Brain-child of Spatts (The Criminal Minds/32 Troop), Undiffused Devices brings together lyricism, a form of hip hop writing growing daily here on UK shores, and britcore style beats that hark from an era when UK MCs and DJs first found their own voice. The vinyl comes from britcore wax manipulating heros Rawmance Disasters, and comes in either black or for the serious collectors, blue transparent wax.
The first track is a 'lost (then subsequently found) demo' from UK hip hop stallwarts The Criminal Minds. The familiar ripping vocals of Iceski tear the drums apart, decorated with the erratic 'sci-fi' sounds and some colorful cuts, serving as a great warm up to track two. Kicking off with sinister cyber sounds and some more lush drum play, My Dark Places is a 2014 remix of a 32 Troop joint. More old school cuts splatter this deep and dark beat while Mr. Morph and the True Element MCs take the reins to the mic. Spatts proving once again here that he knows just what the bars need to carry them comfortably and energetically to the listeners ears.
The 3rd track features not only The Criminal Minds but also the virile vocal ramblings of heavyweight UK hip hop heads Dookie Squad. Produced by the notorious Jerome Hill, with samples from the Stage Driver track taken from The Criminal Minds 'Droids You Are Looking For' EP, the track caught Dookie Squads ears, and a new incarnation was born.
The beat here is big. No scrap that, - the beat here is HUGE. Massive bass and drums that drag anyone in ear shot kicking and screaming to the centre of the dance floor. There is a lot of fun in this track, and that comes from the blatant fun the participants had while making it. Three massive tracks, and as if that wasn't enough, they are accompanied by the most popular remix from 32 Troop's Mayday release of 2014, (not previously available on wax). Sidestalker kicks off this remix with a brilliantly placed and epic sample warning of a futuristic nuclear strike, chilling and relevant in these uncertain modern times. Striking cuts give way to an array of MCs slaying the mic as if the enemy were screaming pop-rap nonesense in their faces and an air-raid siren were deafening thier ears. Raw, brutally realistic and ridiculously energetic, if this remix doesn't have you searching out the Mayday release you must be full of blue blood.
Another stomping release from Rawmance Disaster, with artwork by one of the hardest working graphic designers in the UK underground Mr. Tibbz, this is one hell of a way to kick off the year. UK MCs, producers, artists and DJs STAND UP!


BRITCORE RAWMANCE 666 First Frontal Assault "the punisher" "12EP
here we have a piece of history that is seeing the light of day after 23 years of sitting gathering dust in the loft...the Punisher EP from the legendary old school ex-music of life group First Frontal Assault, containing 3 unreleased demo tracks from before they where signed to MOL and originally went by the title live and direct.. Birmingham's finest Mc Rapia, Dj Hellfire and Sidewinder return and take it back to the old school with these bangers.



BRITCORE RAWMANCE 005 DJ Highfly "rohstoff" "12EP
possibly the largest underground project ever undertaken, it has taken over 7 years for the German Maestro Dj Highfly and his crew to finally get this ready for release... featuring an all-star cast of artists and deejays from around the globe contained in 22 Minutes of pure hip-hop chaos... Rohstoff optimizes the name hardcore rap and then some... and that's even without the 4 b-side tracks and the Sounds and Effects for Dj’s...!!



BRITCORE RAWMANCE 003 Criminal Minds presents 32 Troop "mayday" "12EP
we bring you the new and highly anticipated next installment from the supergroup that is 32 Troop.. brought together by the TCM legend General Spatts, an S.O.S call was put out and the cream of underground talent answered and are currently at war with the dark forces who are destroying hip hop from within. Containing 3 Mixes of Mayday and a brand new Spatts mix of Battleplan this release is overflowing with bombs. Mayday Mayday calling for backup....

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 002 PLANET OF THE FAKES "please, don't feed the animals" "12EP


BRITCORE RAWMANCE 002 Planet Of The Fakes "please, don't feed the animals" "12EP
ultra brutal UK BRITCORE HIPHOP ATTACK, fast and loud!!! a true banger with new material. another 5 new tracks pure hardcore hiphop insanity feat. Inzaine, DJ Highfly, Iceski (the criminal minds), Skitz, Paranoia, MC Gambit (last ressort), Invokal, Sinista, Mr. Morph, DJ Kura, Remarkable (deliverance, sublime wizardry), Kraze One, Ambush, Whirlwind D (solid'n'mind), Sire!!! uptempo britcore madness to the max!!! 200 copies only in full coversleeve with insert!!!  BRITCORE IS THE LAW!!!


BRITCORE RAWMANCE 001 PLANET OF THE FAKES "beneath the planet of the fakes" "12EP

BRITCORE RAWMANCE 001 Planet Of The Fakes "beneath the planet of the fakes" "12EP
ultra brutal UK BRITCORE HIPHOP ATTACK, fast and loud!!! older stuff on vinyl for the first time. feat. Inzaine, MC Rapia (first frontal assault), Bandog (killa instinct), Lennie and Pride (suspekt), DJ Highfly, Reach Da Reapa (drunken eejit), Iceski (the criminal minds),  Mr Morph, Mr Websta (heroes of uk hiphop), DJ Kura, DJ Waxer, DJ Ridla, TS One (mantis chapter), DJ Tones (sublime wizardry) 4 tracks pure insane, militant, classic uk hardcore hiphop fire!!!! 200 copies only in full coversleeve.  BRITCORE IS THE LAW!!!




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