Monday, 6 June 2022



Vicious Threat "patience is gone..." "12 (RAW 124) 
Who said Berlin got not enough Bands doing releases? Me! The scene over there is huge and alive, lots of shows, lots of projects, lots of Bands but allways not enough releases to spread the Dog-Shit-City Virus over the globe, a criminal under representing to the worldwide audience. Eric (Earth Crust Displacement/Svart UT/Guyana Deathtape), Nico (MxVxDx) and Philipp (Turtle Rage) joined forces to create a monster of an album mixing the best of classic 80ies Hardcore with the noise and disturbance of the 90ies. What we have here is a 38 track thunderstorm of a killeralbum. Total Rager. 200 copies regular black vinyl, 100 copies limited coloured vinyl and 30 copies testpress edition with alternative artwork.

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